ThermoPro TP19 – The Best Thermapen Alternative

The TP19 thermometer was created to rival the Thermapen as the best instant-read meat thermometer, but for a fraction of the cost. The Thermapen is universally recognized as the king of instant-read meat thermometers, but it’s also the most expensive. The $100 Thermapen price tag is justifiable if you’re a professional chef, but it’s a lot of money for a thermometer if you’re only a weekend barbecuer. In my search to find the best Thermapen alternative, I discovered the TP19, an affordable thermometer to rival the Thermapen made by ThermoPro, a highly reputable thermometer company.

The ThermoPro TP19 instant-read thermometer is the best Thermapen alternative on the market. Thermometer company ThermoPro wanted to make an instant-read that could do everything a Thermapen could do, but for a fraction of the cost. The TP19 matches the Thermapen in every category, plus has some additional features such as 100% waterproofing, a magnetic back and a longer warranty. The market leader Thermapen makes a 90% profit on every thermometer, which explains the hefty price tag. Rival thermometer company ThermoPro set out to make less profit with the TP19, but give users a high performing thermometer to match the Thermapen. I’ll compare the two thermometers and show you how the TP19 matches up to the Thermapen.

Thermopro TP19 Specifications

Read Speed2-3 Seconds
Temperature Range58°F~572°F (-50°C~300°C)
Accuracy±0.9°F(±0.5°C) from 14 to 212°F 
Auto Sleep ModeAfter 90 seconds
Auto Rotating Display180°
Backlight2″ backlit display 
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What is the TP19?

The ThermoPro TP19 is one of the newest thermometers to compete with the Thermapen, and uses a thermocouple sensor, so it is super fast like the Thermapen. The TP19 has all the features of the Thermapen, but without the hefty price tag.

  • Motion Sensor Sleep/Wake Mode
  • Waterproof
  • Auto Rotating Display
  • Fast Thermocouple Sensor (2-3 Second Reads)
  • On/Off Retractable Probe
  • Magnetic

How Much Is The TP19?

The best thing about the TP19 is its affordability, selling for about $30 (see the latest price on Amazon). The TP19 may be $70 cheaper than market leader the Thermapen, but that doesn’t mean the TP19 is not a quality thermometer. According to the company that makes the TP19, rival thermometers like the Thermapen work on a 90% profit margin, which is why the cost is so high. ThermoPro wanted to pass on the savings to users by making a similar thermometer, but take less profit for themselves. ThermoPro is a well-known company that has produced some of the best-selling thermometers on the market. The ThermoPro TP20 is still the number one selling wireless thermometer on Amazon. ThermoWorks has a more affordable version of the Thermapen with the Classic Thermapen, which is an older version. The Classic Thermapen costs about $20 less than the Thermapen MK4, but you will give up a few features. See the latest price of the Classic Thermapen here and the Thermapen MK4 here.

TP19 vs ThermaPen MK4 – A Side-By-Side Comparison

SpecificationsThermaPen MK4ThermoPro TP19
Speed2-3 seconds 2-3 seconds 
Accuracy±0.7°F  from -58 to 392°F±0.9°F from 32 to 212°F
Temperature Range-58.0 to 572.0°F -58°F~572°F 
Probe Size4.3 inches4.5 inches
Display Size1 H x 1.54 W inches2 Inches
Dimensions1.97 H x 6.2 W x 0.75 D inchesinformation unavailable
Weight0.26 lbs (120g)information unavailable
Sleep/Wake SensorYesYes
WaterproofWater Resistance IP 66/67*100% Waterproof
Auto Rotating Display360°360°
Warranty2 Years3 Years
Battery1.5 volt AAA1 x AAA battery
Display Temperatures°C or °F°C or °F

Point of Difference – TP19 vs Thermapen

Apart from the price, the TP19 has tried to add some features to defeat the Thermapen as best instant-read thermometer. The TP19 has included some features the Thermapen doesn’t have, such as 100% waterproofing, a magnetic back for easy storage and an extra year warranty.


Speed is one of the most important features of an instant-read thermometer and is one of the major reasons the Thermapen is universally praised. TP19 competes with the MK4’s ultra fast reads because both thermometers are equipped with a thermocouple sensor that can give 2-3 second readings.

Those familiar with low-and-slow cooking and meat smoking will tell you thermometer speed is vital. Often we need a quick internal meat temperature check, but we need to close the lid of the smoker/grill as fast as possible. We know how important it is to close the lid of your cooker as fast as possible because the longer you have the lid open, the more oxygen you’ll be letting in causing temperature fluctuations.


The TP19 is a highly accurate thermometer with the specs have the TP19 measuring ±0.9°F from 32 to 212°F which is slightly less accurate that the ThermoWorks Thermapen which is has an accuracy of ±0.7°F from -58 to 392°F. If a thermometer is inaccurate, then what’s the point? We are putting our trust in these devices, which is why we should do our research before purchasing a thermometer. There are dozens of cheap thermometers on the market and many are inaccurate. The best way to test a thermometer’s accuracy is by performing an ice bath test.


The TP19 is 100% waterproof and can withstand splashes, spills and can be rinsed under the tap. Thermometers can get very dirty with grease, ash, meat juices, etc, so having the ability to rinse your thermometer in the sink is useful.

The TP19 is 100% waterproof and can withstand splashes, spills and can be rinsed under the tap. Thermometers can get very dirty with grease, ash, meat juices, etc, so having the ability to rinse your thermometer in the sink is useful. The Thermapen is only water resistant with an IP 66/67 rating, which means it’s protected from water immersion for 30-minutes up to 1 meter. The difference between the two thermometers with water contact isn’t significant, since both thermometers should be able to handle a rinse under the tap when dirty.


The TP19 has some minor advantages over the Thermapen, but one of the more useful differences is the TP19 has a magnetic back for easy storage. The magnet allows users to store the thermometer on the side of the grill or any other metal surface. This is a handy feature because any pitmaster will tell you that things can get pretty hectic when you’re smoking meat and thermometers can get knocked about and dropped. Usually, thermometers end up in your pocket or sitting on the side table of a grill, which isn’t the safest place. The TP19 thermometer can be secured to your grill shelf or rack without getting knocked off.

Easy Read Display

The TP19 has a display that allows easy-to-read temperatures from all angles and in all lighting conditions. Thermometers can be hard to read in direct sunlight or at night, but the TP19 has an illuminated back-lit display so the temperatures are always readable. The wide screen also auto-rotates with a 180 degree viewing angle, so you don’t need to twist your neck trying to read a temperature.

3 Year Warranty

Another important advantage the TP19 has over the Thermapen is the length of warranty. The TP19 has a 2 year warranty while the Thermapen has a 3 year warranty.

Left Handed Users

Left-handed users will find the TP19 easy to use, ThermoPro has made the thermometer ambidextrous by placing the buttons where left-handed users can feel as comfortable as right-handed people.

Final Thoughts – TP19 vs Thermapen

By choosing the TP19 over the Thermapen, you can save yourself about $70, get an extra year warranty, have 100% waterproofing rather than water resistance, and get a magnetic back for easy storage. Plus, you get all the features of a high-end thermometer like the Thermapen. The only compromise you will have to make is ±0.2°F in accuracy. We all know the Thermapen is an outstanding device, but $100 is a lot of money for an instant-read thermometer.

Where to Buy the TP19 and Thermapen

You can purchase the TP19 on the ThermoPro website or over on Amazon here. The Thermapen is best purchased from the ThermoWorks website here to ensure you’re getting the genuine product and the 2 year warranty.

My Favorite Meat Smoking Tools

Thanks for checking out this article. I hope you learned a few things. Here are some of my favorite tools I use when smoking brisket that may be useful to you. These are affiliate links, so if you decide to purchase any of these products, I’ll earn a commission. But in all honesty, these are the tools I recommend to my family and friends who are just starting out.

Meat Thermometer: There are dozens of fancy thermometers on the market, but I still use my trusty TP20. For around $50, I have a high-quality meat thermometer with two probes, and can track the temperature of my smoker with one probe, and my meat with the other probe. The ThermoPro TP20 is an Amazon Best Seller because it’s the easiest thermometer to operate, is durable, highly accurate, and comes with pre-programmed meat settings.

Instant Read Thermometer: Arguably, the second most important tool you need is a fast and accurate instant-read thermometer. These tools play an important role in the latter stages of the cook when the meat needs regular checking in multiple areas. I use the ThermoPro TP19 because it can do everything a ThermaPen can do, but for a fraction of the cost. You can check out the TP19 on Amazon here.

Butcher Paper: Wrapping brisket in butcher paper has become a huge trend in barbeque thanks to Aaron Franklin. Wrapping your brisket in paper will give you a nice brisket bark. However, you can’t just use any old paper, it has to be unwaxed, food grade paper. You can find it on Amazon here.

Advanced Thermometer and Automatic Temperature Controller: Once you’re ready to take things seriously, the FireBoard 2 Drive is a six-channel Bluetooth/Wi-Fi thermometer that can monitor up to 6 pieces of meat, control and graph your cook sessions on your smartphone, and attaches to an an automatic blower that will convert your charcoal smoker to a set-and-forget. This is one of the most advanced meat thermometers on the market. You can check it out on the FireBooard website here.


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